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Spirits in Russia are selecting up as both Rosstat’s business and client confidence surveys delivered very constructive results. But one of the more stunning ones, linked to money, is that generally you possibly can’t even give it away. The preliminary GDP figure for the primary quarter stunned on the upside.

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Replace “alternative” methods with progress methods and these businesses look totally different. People aren’t the issue, no matter what the headcount-chopping Aldens of the world have preached. People — the best journalists and the proper digital-savvy business folks — are the solution. Look ahead and we are able to see that content material capacity is and will be among the many greatest differentiators between the winners and losers of the news wars.

If you’re looking to join the ranks of the latter, Businessweek produces a respectable record of the best MBA applications yearly, so you’ll be able to take your choose and browse it, too. In addition …